What You Should Know About Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest is the sudden stoppage of the heart beat. One cannot live without the heart functioning normally as it is responsible for circulating blood and oxygen around the body. What you should know about cardiac arrest is that every second counts to help save the life of the victim!

What you should know about cardiac arrest
What is Cardiac arrest
How does cardiac arrest occur
How does cardiac arrest occurs
Is cardiac arrest preventable
Signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest
First Aid for Cardiac Arrest
What you should know about cardiac arrest
What you should know about cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest is more common than you know, think or believe. Young people, athletes, middle aged, anyone can be affected.

The important facts are:

  1. Prevent its occurrence
  2. Know how to help a victim in the first few minutes
  3. Plan how the victim will get immediate medical care.

Increase the survival rates of victims. Learn what to do.

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