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Levande First Aid Boxes and First Aid Kits

Levande first aid boxes and first aid kits are necessary tools to have in a medical emergency. First Aid is what we do and to deliver on this, it involves knowledge, skills and tools. Our mission is clear: to prepare you to handle medical emergencies without fear or confusion. In handling medical emergencies, you need both the tools and the right knowledge. This is where Levande comes in. We have […]

Levande First Aid Boxes and Kits

Baby First Aid Kit

Do You Have A Baby & Toddler First Aid Kit?

A first aid kit doesn’t have to be elaborate or bulky. It should have all the important things you need in case of minor accidents and you can also put in the medication that is specific for your little one. If you have a baby & toddler first aid kit, ensure it has the essential items. The essentials in a Baby & Toddler First Aid Kit includes:  1.  Thermometer: Most […]

5 Things About The First Aid Kit

Although there should be a First Aid Kit almost everywhere you go, public or private, the availability is still not adequate in the country. We wanted to share 5 things about the First Aid Kit that we think you should know! Who Needs a First Aid Kit? Everyone! Child or adult and no matter the type of job or industry one is. Whether it is in your car, your business, […]

Levande First AId Kit