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Frothing or Foaming Saliva. Is it a Risk to Help?

The man is frothing at the mouth. Help! Most people, are more alarmed about frothing or foaming saliva at the mouth and it stops them from providing quick and timely help. Frothing or foaming at the mouth is a physical symptom. The foam is actually saliva that has pooled in the mouth and throat because the person has lost the ability to swallow. As the patient breathes, the saliva mixes […]

Frothing or Foaming Saliva

Adult CPR & First Aid Training in Lagos

Adult CPR & First Aid Training in Lagos   The next First Aid by Levande’s In-House Adult CPR & First Aid Training comes up on Saturday, 29th September, 2018.   Click Link To Register    The first 4 mins after an accident are crucial in a casualty that is not breathing. Come and learn lifesaving skills. Learn CPR, how to recognize and handle medical emergencies, how to help someone with […]

We are Misusing and Overusing Antibiotics!

Doctor Tosin Osikoya Weighs In on Antibiotic Misuse “Antibiotics are on the verge of losing their effectiveness due to misuse and overuse, and in many cases they aren’t even needed.” Some people go to chemists to buy for cough, cold, skin rash and any and all ailments 🙄🙄 Some health care professionals even prescribe taking the “Nigerian patient” into account (because if you don’t prescribe it they would think you […]

Antibiotic misuse and overuse