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Everybody should know how to do CPR

CPR saves lives!  A simple guide to performing CPR on an Adult. Everyday emergency situations happen, it could be someone choking, a drowning, a sudden cardiac arrest or heart attack. When you think of the fact that the heart has been beating continuously since one was in the womb, that’s amazing! But many things threaten to stop the heart and when a person’s heart stops, they stop breathing whether they are young […]

Certified First Aid Training in Lagos

Certified First Aid Training in Lagos

Certified First Aid Training in Lagos! Book Now 2

Our Certified First Aid Training in Lagos is coming up. Call 08177321761 to book a space! ___________________________________________ Cost: N25,000  Account details: First Bank Levande Healthcare Ltd 2029369476   There are so many cases of friends and loved being in life threatening situations and one has no knowledge of what to do. In some cases, they become unconscious, stop breathing and you end up having to say goodbye. It doesn’t need […]

First Aid For The Workplace

As a minimum, a low-risk workplace such as a small office should have a first-aid box and a person appointed to take charge of first-aid arrangements. These arrangements can include Ensuring the first aid boxes are available in the right quantity and have the right items for the workplace. It can also include calling the emergency services if necessary. First Aid for the Workplace is a necessity. It is important […]

Certified First Aid Training in Lagos