Certified First Aid Training in Lagos is Here Again. Book Now!

Our Certified First Aid Training in Lagos is coming up. Call 08177321761 to book a space! Read testimonials of our trainings. Find us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram ___________________________________________ Cost: N25,000  Early Bird Discount: N23,000 (till July 20th, 2018) Payment Deadline: July 23rd, 2018 Account details: UBA Levande Healthcare Ltd 1020208670   There are so many cases of friends and loved being in life threatening situations and one […]

Certified First Aid Training in Lagos

Levande first aid training

First Aid Questions and Answers – Part 1

A few answers to First Aid questions that you might want to know. Question:Do cuts heal faster under a bandage or when left to “breathe”? Answer:While a cut is still open, a bandage or plaster can help prevent infection. But after a few days, a little air can speed healing.   Question: Are antibiotic ointments really necessary? Answer: Yes and No. Medicines like Neosporin can help healing but you don’t […]

Child Safety Tip by First Aid By Levande – 1

Child Safety Tip by First Aid By Levande 1. Ensure They Know Names, Numbers And Address: Your child may be small but it is important to teach basic contact details like you and your partner’s name and contact number; they will remember these details. Your child should be able to share your contact number with someone in case of an emergency. Also, knowing where home is and any nearby landmark […]

First Aid in Lagos