first aid kits

Contents of A First Aid Box

What is a First Aid Box? It is a box or container containing items that are used to help a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available. It is sometimes called a first aid kit. The contents of a first aid box is what matters; not the container. The container could be plastic, wood, metal or it could be a box or a bag. Whatever the container […]

Levande First Aid Boxes and Kits

Levande First Aid Kit Refill Packs

Sometimes you are not just starting with the process of buying a first aid kit. Sometimes you just want to refill the contents because they have been used up or expired OR you have a container and just can’t be bothered about filling it up with the required contents. So, Levande First Aid Kit Refill Packs to the rescue 😁. We have refill contents in 3 sizes: Small – N4,400 […]

First Aid Kits as Corporate Gifts & Souvenirs

First Aid Kits as Corporate gifts and souvenirs? 🤔 Absolutely Yes!!! 😁🤗. In a medical emergency, having the right tools is important.  We want you to recognize the emergency, know the right skills to apply then use the right tools. Giving a first aid kit as a gift says a lot about your brand and what you stand for in relation to health and safety. This kit has items to […]

Levande Car First Aid Kit