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Know First Aid

Shouldn’t You Know First Aid?

You Should Know First Aid Accidents happen at any time. They are unplanned and can alter your life in a second. There are different scenarios. Everything was alright with the world and the unthinkable happened:  You were driving your children to have a playdate with another family and your car was hit; Your nanny called you in a panic at work because your son was not breathing; A colleague of […]

A Car First Aid Kit Can Be A Lifesaver!

A Car First Aid Kit Can Be A Lifesaver! Having a first aid kit in the car or vehicle can be a lifesaver. Not only can it prove crucial in the event of a road crash, but it’s also very important in less serious incidents such as cuts, scrapes and burns. Currently, the (Federal Road Safety Commission) FRSC recommends that all vehicles contain a First Aid Kits but this is not […]

Car First Aid Kit in Nigeria