First aid in Lagos

Contents of A First Aid Box

What is a First Aid Box? It is a box or container containing items that are used to help a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available. It is sometimes called a first aid kit. The contents of a first aid box is what matters; not the container. The container could be plastic, wood, metal or it could be a box or a bag. Whatever the container […]

Levande First Aid Boxes and Kits

First Aid Demonstration for Organisations

First Aid Demonstration for Organisations

First Aid demonstration for organisations also known as mini practical classes, educates and teaches some practical lifesaving skills, especially CPR. Why Learn First Aid? It is important to learn first aid in an organisation for a number of reasons: Learning first aid improves safety thereby minimising accidents. First aid knowledge ensures employees or workers are prepared if a medical emergency occurs. It improves employee morale. This learning increases employee productivity […]

First Aid or Health Talks for Organisations

First Aid or Health Talks for organisations raises awareness on first aid and health in the workplace which helps prepare for medical emergencies and improve the well-being of employees. This improves employee morale and productivity. We also have our package for schools. While the preferred option of educating everyone would be a training and practical class spanning at least a few hours, sometimes due to various reasons, your Organisation may […]

First Aid or Health Talk