First Aid Boxes in Lagos

Methylated Spirit Is Not For Wounds!

Don’t Make The Mistake of Using Methylated Spirit on Wounds We have grown up with methylated spirit as part of the contents of the first aid box. Though we have always used for years, it does not make it right. Press play to learn why using it on wounds is a mistake. Apart from the fact that methylated spirit delays wound healing and it may cause persistent bleeding, it also […]

Levande First Aid Kit Refill Packs

Sometimes you are not just starting with the process of buying a first aid kit. Sometimes you just want to refill the contents because they have been used up or expired OR you have a container and just can’t be bothered about filling it up with the required contents. So, Levande First Aid Kit Refill Packs to the rescue 😁. We have refill contents in 3 sizes: Small – N4,400 […]

Vehicle First Aid Kit

Travelling? In a Commercial Vehicle? You need a Levande Vehicle First Aid Kit! Emergencies are always unexpected so is there a first aid kit available? It therefore makes sense to have a Vehicle First Aid Kit on hand in case you are involved in or come across an accident. This Levande vehicle first aid kit is designed for fleet and commercial vehicles. The bag holds quality brand products that are […]

Vehicle first aid kit