Moms, Stop Panicking!

When it come to the health of our children, moms are understandably panicked. We get that. But Moms, stop panicking! We, at Levande Healthcare, often receive questions from the public and we give information as appropriate in regards to general knowledge. We don’t respond on specific cases because we have not seen, heard the full story and examined the person in question. Moms, don’t be desperate to seek information from […]

Moms, Stop Panicking

Headaches in Children

Headaches in Children

“I have a headache”, is a common complaint from children. It strikes fear in the heart of a parent. It definitely strikes fear in me because as a doctor, I know of all the possibilities and most of them not good. Sigh. You wonder what to do and if something could be seriously wrong. You have a lot of questions: “Is it malaria?” “Did he hit his head?” “What drug […]

Treating Cuts on your Child’s Lips or Tongue

Treating cuts on your child’s lips or tongue can be a harrowing experience as any parent or caregiver will tell you. It’s hard on the child and the adult. Injuries to the lip and tongue tend to be common, occurring often through childhood play or sporting activity. They can  be quite frightening due to their tendency to bleed a lot and swell dramatically. This is thanks to a high degree […]

First Aid for Children