Make Your Own First Aid Kits!

Levande First Aid BagsMake your own first aid kits is an option for you if you think that you need unique items in quantities that may not be available in the first aid boxes in the market.

This makes sense as people like you may face a unique set of medical challenges and would want to be prepared for that.

That’s why we have the Levande First Aid Bags in 2 different sizes and 2 different colours so you have a choice. Each bag is compartmentalized so that you can store the items seperately and be able to easily reach them in an emergency.

Levande Big First Aid Bag - BlueWe all should be prepared and there is no easier way to start getting prepared for a lesser amount than with purchasing our Levande First Aid Bags.

Buy them on our online store, on Jumia and on Konga and have it delivered to you in no time.

Be ready. Be safe.  Levande Big First Aid Bag






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