First Aid Questions and Answers – Part 1

A few answers to First Aid questions that you might want to know.

Question:Do cuts heal faster under a bandage or when left to “breathe”?
Answer:While a cut is still open, a bandage or plaster can help prevent infection. But after a few days, a little air can speed healing.

Levande First Aid Questions and Answers


Question: Are antibiotic ointments really necessary?
Answer: Yes and No. Medicines like Neosporin can help healing but you don’t want to apply it unnecessarily — say, to a small scrape or an insect bite when the skin isn’t open. There is a widely held belief by researchers that antibiotic overuse has led to the rise of tough-to-treat staph infections.

Question: After an injury, when does a child need to get a tetanus shot?
Answer: Some wounds caused by a dirty, rusty, or dusty object put a child at risk for tetanus. If she’s gotten her immunizations on schedule, he or she’s probably fine. But to be safe, call your doctor to discuss their tetanus risk.


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