First Aid Classes For Parents in Lagos

First Aid Classes For Parents

In homes where there are small children, safety is an important issue. Parents want to protect their children from all potential dangers and will most often take steps to make their home as safe an environment as possible. Unfortunately, despite one’s best efforts, accidents may still happen.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, a carer or if you work with children, learning first aid will give you confidence to save a life when it really counts.


First Aid for a New Parent

Your precious new-born has just come into the world. Congratulations! Now the worry begins. Feeding, changing his diapers and generally how to keep him safe and loved. It’s natural for new parents to be overly concerned when it comes to the well-being of their offspring.

Despite the desire to prevent injuries and illness, some first-time parents don’t know exactly where to begin. Babies, toddlers, and younger children are commonly injured by falls, burns and scalding. Babies also have a high risk of choking, suffocating, and drowning. Babies are at risk of falling from beds, tables, or sofas. Both babies and toddlers are known for putting items in their mouths.

A prepared parent will know how to prevent a baby from rolling off of a surface and will have moved sharp objects out of the way when toddlers are learning to walk. Infants can burn easily, even from bath water that is too hot. To prevent burns, care should be taken to ensure that temperatures are tolerable for delicate babies.

Loose buttons, marbles, and other small objects should be placed in safe locations to avoid choking or accidental suffocation. Care should also be taken to buy the appropriate type of toys.


First Aid Classes

Careful parents should take first aid and CPR classes and for babies, toddlers and older children. Due to their smaller frames, techniques for infant and child CPR will differ from techniques for adults and first aid classes will provide parents with the knowledge of what to do for other types of injuries such as burns, falls, fevers etc.


First Aid Classes for Parents in Lagos

First Aid by Levande holds first aid classes in the comfort of your homes and tailored to your specific needs. They are extremely practical and you will have hands-on experience with baby and child mannequins.


First Aid Classes for Parents in Lagos


Learn more about our different First Aid Classes. You can contact us anytime to book a class.

Be safe.



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