First Aid Classes For Expectant Mothers in Lagos

First Aid Classes For Expectant Mothers in Lagos


New and Expectant Mothers

A ‘new or expectant mother’ is a woman who is pregnant, has given birth within the preceding six months or is breastfeeding.

Most women are able to continue to work during their pregnancy and many women return to work soon after giving birth. Some women don’t work again once they become pregnant; they decide to stay home to look after the children and some may go back to work later.

Nobody likes to think of their child being in an emergency situation, but learning first aid will give you the confidence to be able to help should you need to. This class is for you or the baby’s carer and will guide you through exactly what you need to know.

Our First Aid classes are facilitated by a Medical Doctor of over 15years experience and provide first aid training for parents of babies under one. These interactive, confidence-building classes are held in your homes, and will provide plenty of opportunity to practise techniques and ask questions.


First Aid For Expectant Mothers in Lagos


What Will You Learn?

With the First Aid for Expectant Mothers class or First Aid for Parents Class, you will learn all about first aid as it applies to babies, infants and children tailored to their respective ages; you will also learn valuable lessons on how to prevent serious injuries.

The course duration is 2 – 3 hours and will cover topics such as choking, burns, breathing emergencies (CPR), severe allergic reactions, cuts/scrapes, poisonings, nose bleeds, and anything else your little one could get themselves into.


First Aid For Expectant Mothers in Lagos



First Aid For New Babies – Topics

  1. Drowning at bathtime/ baby not breathing
  2. Meningitis
  3. Fever in babies


First Aid For Expectant Mothers in Lagos


First Aid For Babies Around 6months – Topics

  1. Choking
  2. Croup
  3. Severe allergic reaction
  4. Febrile convulsions (seizures)
  5. Dislocation of arm
  6. Foreign object in nose or ear
  7. Object in ear


First Aid For 9months and older – Topics

  1. Head injuries
  2. Burns and scalds
  3. Falls
  4. Electrocution
  5. Trapped fingers
  6. Accidental poisoning
  7. Cuts, grazes and severe bleeding
  8. Injuries from toppling furniture
  9. Strains and sprains


First Aid For Expectant Mothers in Lagos


Learn more about our different First Aid Classes. You can contact us anytime to book a class.

Be safe.




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