Online First Aid Training in Nigeria

First Aid Training in Nigeria First Aid Training has never been an important skill to go out of your way for in Nigeria. It is understood that it is an important skill to have but it is not enforced in daycare centres, schools and even most businesses. Yes, some companies do ensure that their employees get first aid training but it is usually as a subset of safety training and […]

Online First Aid Training

First Aid or Health Talk

First Aid or Health Talks for Organisations

First Aid or Health Talks for organisations raises awareness on first aid and health in the workplace which helps prepare for medical emergencies and improve the well-being of employees. This improves employee morale and productivity. We also have our package for schools. While the preferred option of educating everyone would be a training and practical class spanning at least a few hours, sometimes due to various reasons, your Organisation may […]

Learn To Help Your Baby or Child in a Medical Emergency!

Learn to help your baby or child in a medical emergency because children will be children and that means they are prone to unexpected accidents (not there are any expected ones!). The commonest accidental injuries to children includes choking, falls, and drownings and they can leave you in a panic. While the safest way to ensure no injuries is to prevent them, sometimes accidents happen and you have to be […]

Learn to help your child in a medical emergency