Basic First Aid and CPR

First Aid Class in Lekki

Learn CPR & First Aid With Levande At Excelling Centre, Lekki

Hello Everyone! Join us as we teach CPR & First Aid at the Excelling Centre, Lekki. We can’t wait to teach you lifesaving skills to help your children or children in your care. Everyone should know First Aid and Fire Safety!   Date: Saturday, September 8th, 2018 Time: From 9am Venue: Excelling Centre, 5 Alhaji Bello Close, Happy Home Estate, Behind Leawood Hotel   Do you know that more accidents happen […]

First Aid Barriers to Action

First Aid Barriers to Action Sometimes in a medical emergency people are reluctant to act, for various reasons. These reasons are called barriers to action but we cannot and should not let inaction lead to someone’s death. The five common reasons people give for not acting are described below.   1.   Lack of Knowledge This is the most common reason for not acting in a medical emergency. People really have […]

CPR & First Aid Training in Lagos