Basic First Aid and CPR

Learn CPR & First Aid in Lagos. Medical Emergencies Can Happen Anywhere!

Learn CPR & First Aid in Lagos A medical emergency can happen anywhere, when you least expect it. And you have to be prepared to save a life (or lives). We believe that it is important to learn CPR & First Aid. This happened in a court. Watch the video to see the lessons to be learnt on how to act and what is important in a medical emergency.  What […]

Learn First Aid in Lagos

Certified First Aid Training in Lagos

Certified First Aid Training in Lagos! Book Now 2

Our Certified First Aid Training in Lagos is coming up. Call 08177321761 to book a space! ___________________________________________ Cost: N25,000  Account details: First Bank Levande Healthcare Ltd 2029369476   There are so many cases of friends and loved being in life threatening situations and one has no knowledge of what to do. In some cases, they become unconscious, stop breathing and you end up having to say goodbye. It doesn’t need […]

First Aid For Child Care Providers

Attention: First Aid For Child Care Providers! Child Care Providers, that is, Daycare Centres, Nursery Schools and Primary Schools, know that unintentional injuries will happen from time to time. The best way to handle an unintentional injury is to be prepared before it happens. When you know how to respond in an emergency, and have the supplies you need, you are confident and can respond in a timely manner.   […]

First Aid for Children