Online First Aid Training in Nigeria

First Aid Training in Nigeria First Aid Training has never been an important skill to go out of your way for in Nigeria. It is understood that it is an important skill to have but it is not enforced in daycare centres, schools and even most businesses. Yes, some companies do ensure that their employees get first aid training but it is usually as a subset of safety training and […]

Online First Aid Training

evacuation equipment in Nigeria

Distributor of Evacuation Equipment in Nigeria

Levande Healthcare is now a distributor of TETCON Evacuation Equipment in Nigeria. Levande Healthcare started with the dream of being the respected leading supplier of quality led, practical tailored healthcare and health education services in Nigeria. Our premier service was First Aid by Levande in 2016 – First Aid Training & First Aid Kits. Our service offering has now increased with the addition of Emergency Management by Levande – Evacuation […]

Do you have a First Aid Kit?

A First Aid Kit is a Necessity In a medical emergency you need the right tools and this means having a first aid kit and/or a trauma kit. Please, don’t worry about the container, worry about the CONTENTS 🙏🏽. Do you know there is a difference between a First Aid Kit and a Trauma kit? 😯. Yes! Trauma Kits are meant to deal with major injuries, typically life-threatening and a […]

First Aid Kit