Booking A First Aid ClassBook a first aid class by Levande

Thank you for your interest in our available classes for first aid. In booking a First Aid Class, note that all classes are private and take place at a location of your choice – home, daycare. school, business, club etc.

Also note that this is a reservation for a class and details will be finalized via telephone and email.

We don’t work on weekends but if Saturday is the only day that works for you, it will cost you extra.

Payment has to be made before the date is confirmed.


Making a reservation for any of our classes is easy:

A. Fill in the booking form below. All fields are required.
B. Ensure that the number of participants match exactly who will be available.
D. The details and location field is very important. The information necessary here are:

  1. The exact number of participants.
  2. The location of the venue (not the address)
  3. Any extra details or information you want the class to contain so we can tailor it to your needs.


Fill in the form as accurately and detailed as possible will ensure that we give you the right response and we are better able to serve you. You can always call us on 08177321761 if you have questions or comments.


Please fill in your details to book a class.

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