First Aid Trainings in LagosFirst aid trainings are essential and not a luxury. Thinking and talking about potential worst-case-scenarios often happens when somebody else’s child, family, friends or colleagues were involved in an emergency. We talk about what happened that day and we say to ourselves that we would do something about it. Later, we hope for the best and say it’s in God’s hands.

BUT we need to do our part. We want to protect our children from fears and allow them to “just be kids,” playing and growing, trusting us to keep everything scary at bay. But the whole family needs to be in on the plan to be prepared for life’s emergencies. From a young age, kids can learn to call for help and even administer basic first aid: their sharp minds are limited only by their physical strength and emotional state.

We want to make sure that if any of our relatives or friends gets into an accident or suddenly falls ill, we are able to help. We don’t want something small to become a life altering situation as it may be with the case of a collapse or a road traffic accident. We don’t want to wring our hands in panic, we want them to be with us for a long time.

We want to ensure that our employees and colleagues are health and safety conscious at all times. When they understand that an accident can happen in a blink of an eye but they have the knowledge to handle it, it empowers them, boosts employee morale, keeps the business productive and profitable. 

First training is essential in all facets of our lives. First aid is for life!

We offer a variety of classes and we are sure one of them will fit your needs. Find out more on our first aid classes here.

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The scheduled classes cover adult, baby and child first aid – with an emphasis on childhood injuries and illnesses. Including CPR, recovery position, choking, bleeding, burns, head injuries and febrile convulsions – other topics can be included if required. The course is always tailored to the needs of those attending.