First Aid Classes

What Is First Aid?

First Aid is the help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available.

Why Should I Learn First Aid?

Depending on your location, help can be minutes away. In those minutes, the difference between knowing what do to help someone who is seriously injured can make a significant impact to the outcome. First Aid gives you the peace of mind that you can help someone who is sick or seriously injured.

Can I Learn First Aid At My Work?

Yes, First Aid by Levande’s Classes can be run at your workplace or community group. To enquire about on-site training, please click here.

We also do our trainings in our office, located in Ojodu. As it is usually a 1 day training, tea breaks and lunnch are provided. To book a training, call 08177321761.

Is Learning First Aid Hard?



Our courses are designed for everyone. Most first aid procedures are easy to learn, are based on common sense and our trainers will guide you through the class. A basic level of English is required.

Is There An Exam? Do I Need To Take Notes?

For Parents

No, there is no exam in our 3hr classes and no need to take notes.

The course is designed to give you simple, practical and current skills that you can use in an emergency. For this reason we don’t teach the course in a way you need to ‘study’.


For Carers

We would advise that they take notes because for some of them the information might be new and they may want to go back to it. Nevertheless, the class is not taught as in school but in a way one can easily learn and understand.


For Workers

We would advise that they take notes because for some of them the information might be new and possibly different from what they might have previously known and they may want to go back to it. There is an assessment quiz which participants must pass before they can be given their Certificates.

Can You Provide Me With A Certificate?

Yes, we are more than happy to provide you with a certificate depending on the course, simply ask when you make your booking.

Can My Baby Attend The Class?



Babies under 12 months are more than welcome to attend your session with you. Toddlers (1-3yrs) are not encouraged as they find it difficult to sit through the duration of the course and can affect your attention, understanding and practical sessions.


Course Content

What Is Taught In First Aid By Levande’s Classes?

What we cover is determined by the First Aid Class. Nevertheless, Our classes covers common emergency situations e.g. unconsciousness, choking, burns, drowning, seizures, fractures, bleeding, and poisoning. All the things parents worry about!

We also cover medical emergency situations that involve adults like strokes, diabetes, heart attacks etc especially in the workplace. We want you covered in all situations.




How Much Is A First Aid By Levande’s Class?

The cost of First Aid by Levande’s classes depends on what which class meets your needs.


a. Family First Aid Class:

The cost of the Learn Family First Aid Class starts from N40,000. This covers both parents and a caregiver, children can also attend. Any additional participant will cost an additional N15,000 per person.


b. First Aid for Babies and Toddlers Class

The cost of the First Aid for Babies and Toddlers Class starts from N40,000. This covers both parents and a caregiver. Any additional participant will cost an additional N15,000 per person.


c. First Aid for Children & Teenagers Class

The cost of the First Aid for Children and Teenagers Class starts from N40,000 for Parents & 2 Teenagers and N50,000 for a group of a maximum of 4 Teenagers at home. Call 08177321761 to find out the cost for more participants in a group in schools, youth clubs or among friends.


d. First Aid Class for Expectant Mothers

The cost of the First Aid Classes For Expectant Mothers is N25,000 for Parents only. If you are located farther than Victoria Island, the cost is N30,000.


e. First Aid for Carers of Children and the Elderly Class

N15,000 for Carer or N40,000 for a maximum of 3 Carers. Therefore, Carers can be grouped for a class. Call 08177321761 to know cost for more participants in a group.


f. Custom First Aid Class

This is dependent on the purpose of the class, its content and number of participants. Call 08177321761 for details.


g. Corporate First Aid Class

It costs N25,000 per individual and the class should have a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 10 – 12. Call 08177321761 more information.

What Is The Cost Of A Private Session?

A private session takes place when families or individuals come together to hold/attend a class by First Aid By Levande.

To be eligible for a private session there must, at a minimum, be eight adult attendees at a cost of N15,000 each. For more information or to book a class, call 08177321761.


Private Sessions

What Is The Minimum/Maximum Number Of Attendees For A Private Session?

A minimum of 8 attendees is required to host a private session and the maximum number is 12; as long as everyone fits in the venue you have chosen, including your home. All classes are hosted by an experienced and qualified facilitator.