Emergency Preparedness

A Car First Aid Kit Comes in Handy!

You never know when a car first aid kit comes in handy! Cuts, scrapes and bruises are common injuries to expect, especially with children. They are never still, they want to run around, play and have fun. And when you leave the house with them, you have to be prepared for any situation. It could be on the way to and from school; it could be at a party or […]

Car First Aid Kit

Certified First Aid Training in Lagos

Employees Need First Aid Training

Employees Need First Aid Training Your workplace could be an office or a construction site but it has two common traits – valuable employees who may be injured or become ill and the need to protect them with adequate first aid procedures. So it goes without saying that your employees need first aid training. It might not look like a priority but bear with me as you read further and […]

First Aid in Nigeria – Are You Prepared?

Are you prepared? Accidents are unexpected and we don’t pray for them but it is best to be prepared. With preparation, there is less panic and a higher chance of saving more lives. First Aid in Nigeria is not taken seriously but we have to change that.   Are You Prepared to Help Your Loved Ones?  What if the unexpected happens? What would you do? Start shouting “Help me! Help […]

Are you prepared?