Learn CPR & First Aid With Levande At Excelling Centre, Lekki

Hello Everyone! Join us as we teach CPR & First Aid at the Excelling Centre, Lekki. We can’t wait to teach you lifesaving skills to help your children or children in your care. Everyone should know First Aid and Fire Safety!   Date: Saturday, August 18th, 2018 Time: From 9am Venue: Excelling Centre, 5 Alhaji Bello Close, Happy Home Estate, Behind Leawood Hotel   Do you know that more accidents happen […]

First Aid Class in Lekki

Antibiotic misuse and overuse

We are Misusing and Overusing Antibiotics!

Doctor Tosin Osikoya Weighs In “Antibiotics are on the verge of losing their effectiveness due to misuse and overuse, and in many cases they aren’t even needed.” Some people go to chemists to buy for cough, cold, skin rash and any and all ailments 🙄🙄 Some health care professionals even prescribe taking the “Nigerian patient” into account (because if you don’t prescribe it they would think you are not doing […]

Origin of Adhesive Bandage (Plaster)

An adhesive bandage, also called a sticking plaster (or simply plaster) in British English, is a small medical dressing used for injuries not serious enough to require a full-size bandage. They are also known by the genericized trademarks Band-Aid (as “band-aid” or “band aid” in the US) or Elastoplast (in the UK). The first adhesive bandage was invented in 1920 by Earle Dickson, a cotton buyer for the Johnson & […]

Origin of Plaster