How To Treat Grazed Knees – A Guide For Parents

Play is how children learn and play they will. It’s a fact of life that they may hurt themselves while at the playground, playing football, riding their bicycles, running around during break time and in so many other instances. Children will fall. The good thing about grazes is that they are easy to treat but they really hurt and can become infected if not properly treated. They also scab over […]

how to treat grazed knees

Know First Aid

Shouldn’t You Know First Aid?

You Should Know First Aid Accidents happen at any time. They are unplanned and can alter your life in a second. There are different scenarios. Everything was alright with the world and the unthinkable happened:  You were driving your children to have a playdate with another family and your car was hit; Your nanny called you in a panic at work because your son was not breathing; A colleague of […]