The Levande Team

The Levande Team

The Levande Team is focused on convenient healthcare solutions to help everyone have the right knowledge, skills and tools to help in a medical emergency.


The Levande TeamDr. Oluwatosin Osikoya is the Founder and Business Manager of Levande Healthcare Company. She is a Medical Doctor trained at the University College Hospital Ibadan. She has a distinction in MBA from the University of Lagos and an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is also the Lead Facilitator.

Starting this company fulfills her passion for health information dissemination. She was that doctor who took extra time during patients’ consultation to inform and educate, the one that Nurses had to knock on the consulting room door to inform that other patients were waiting.  She has seen too many disabilities and fatalities that could have been prevented if people who responded had the knowledge and skills to takle.

She is mother of 2 and one who believes that children, no matter their circumstance, deserve our attention, affection and understanding. What is your part in their story? 

With nearly 20 years in the healthcare industry, she lives by the adages “Prevention is better than cure” and “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail“.

She is an avid reader whose other life’s passions are tennis and music.

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Bimbo Obisesan, Levande HealthcareAbimbola Obisesan is the Health Services Coordinator at Levande Healthcare. She works collaboratively with colleagues and clients in providing necessary health care information, knowledge, skills and tools needed for all related health services while making sure that the collaborative efforts of the health care team yield the proposed outcome.

This requires studying and evaluating financial and statistical data for program design, planning and execution weighing in on response, feedback and the impact of programs.

In addition, she monitors the implementation and effectiveness of our services and makes recommendations for performance improvement and continuity. She also works closely with the management team in the development of processes and procedures; and embarks on projects concerned with expanding and developing the company’s health services and programmes.

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